Frequently Asked Questions

What determines the ranking of the plans?

The plans with the highest overall average rating appear at the top and those with lower ratings appear below. 

The plans are rated 1-5 stars across a number of variables, see below:

  • Was the plan easy to follow?
  • Are you likely to recommend this plan?
  • Was the price fair?
  • Did you achieve the desired results?
  • How suitable was the plan for your level of ability? 
These ratings are then combined to give an overall average rating to the plan.

What happens if i am dissatisfied with any plan i purchase?

 Our aim is to compile the best collection of Workout and Nutrition plans on the web. Therefore, we offer a full money back guarantee if you are dissatisfied with your plan upon completion.

How do i determine my own level of ability?

Our mission is to help you – and we really mean it! We have created a Fitness Ability Calculator which will give you a rough guide to your level of ability. Please consider the below also.

Your performance ability should be determined by a few different factors. Most importantly your experience in doing the particular activities that the plan demands of you. For example, if you have been a long distance runner your entire life and opt for a cardio intensive workout then its likely you could aim for a more challenging plan up towards the “expert” end of the spectrum. If however, you have never touched a weight set in your life, then starting out with a “beginner” level workout plan which incorporates weight lifting functions would be best for you.

Consulting a fitness professional such as a qualified Personal Trainer would also be advised.

Other factors to consider are overall health and well-being and any physical or mental disabilities you have.

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